HazelMind Affiliate Program - Terms & Conditions

The HazelMind affiliate program allow its members to get a 50% commission on sales coming from the affiliate link.

In order to join the Program, you need an account on HazelMind.com, PayPal, and a website from which you can link to the HazelMind website, using the link provided.

The commission is calculated based on the $US price of the product, excluding VAT, even if the product is sold in € to the customers.

Commission will be paid on the first day of the third month following the sale, as to take into account the 60-day money-back guarantee. No commission is paid on sales which have been refunded. Commission is paid to the affiliate using PayPal. PayPal commission on the transaction, if any, is paid by the affiliate.

Acceptation into the program is subject to approval by the HazelMind team. Access can be revoked at any time.

These terms may be revised at any time. Revisions clarifying the process will take effect immediately. Revisions changing the financial terms will be subject to a 7-day prior notice, sent by mail to current affiliates.

In order to join, please send a message using the contact form, with your name and address, your HazelMind account email address, your PayPal email address and the website address that you will use to link to HazelMind.com

Last revision: 26 March 2010