Questions & Answers

What exactly do the HazelMind BrainBoost and Tranquility products do?

BrainBoost and Tranquility, included in the HazelMind package, will induce your brain in a desired state (extreme focus or deep relaxation), and stimulate its ability to stay in this state. In order to achieve that, we use special sounds embedded in a beautiful background music that are specially designed to stimulate the brain. For example, when listening to our products, you can both improve your focus and problem-solving abilities, as well as augmenting your capacity to attain these levels of performance even while you're not listening to them!

Does it really work?

Short answer: yes!

Long answer: our products are based on decades of research on the brain and brain entrainment techniques. Multiple researches have shown the usefulness of these techniques, not only to improve concentration, but also to lower stress levels, and improve brain and mind capacities in general.

Where's the catch?

There's no catch, promise! However, everybody reacts differently to that kind of stimulation, while most people will feel reinvigorated after a listening experience, a few might feel a bit sleepy or groggy. Don't forget to read the manual, and if you're not satisfied, we give you 60 days to ask for a refund. Ample time to try, isn't it?

Can everyone use and benefit from them?

Our products works at any age, for most people, as long as you actually use them.
That said, we very strongly advise against their use by pregnant women, persons subject to epilepsy, seizures, under treatment, wearing a pacemaker, as well as children without their doctor's advice. In doubt, consult your physician.
Also : NEVER use our products while driving or operating machinery

Is there any side effects?

As a general rule, whatever the session, you can feel a greater serenity, a greater ability to handle problems and stress, as well as a general lessening of tensions.
However, as our audio products stimulate the brain, there is a small chance to encounter side effects like small headaches or nausea. These are usually due to a greater influx of blood in the untrained brain and disappear in most cases after a few sessions.

How to use BrainBoost and Tranquility?

You can use BrainBoost and Tranquility from your computer or iPod, with a headset or speakers. We suggest finding a comfortable seating position, start the music at an audible but not high volume, and then, if you wish to relax, close your eyes and enjoy.
You may also drink a glass of water before each session.

What if it doesn't work for me?

After consulting the manual, you can contact our team to get more tips, or if you prefer, we will refund your purchase. You have 60 days to try without any risk! What are you waiting for?

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us, using the Contact us page, and we will try our best to answer them.