Do you wish you could "hack" your brain into high focus mode whenever you want to?

Have you ever needed to focus on a project but simply couldn't attain a deep concentration anymore?

Well I know how to do that, easily, instantly, and WITHOUT using any harmful DRUGS (and I also know how to make it relax so you can get rid of stress, so in case you could use a life with less stress, keep reading).

You see my mind-wandering friend, everybody looses focus at some point. But there's a huge difference in results between someone loosing focus every 15 minutes for 5 minutes (and then needing about 10 more to get back to decent performance), and someone able to concentrate fully on a task for two hours, with peak performance, and THEN take a small break.

Does complete focus for two hours (the kind that gets a whole day's worth of work done) seems like a stretch for now? Start with this.


Step 1.) Decide on a task

Step 2.) Set a timer for 25 minutes

Step 3.) Work until the timer rings

Step 4.) Take a 5-minute break

This technique is called Pomodoro. It's good to help you focus on one thing for enough time to make progress.

Neat, huh?

BUT WAIT... "what if I want to concentrate for MORE than 25 minutes?" you might ask.

Well, I have an even easier solution, that works better than the Pomodoro technique and that can help you even when you really really don't feel like focusing on anything.

This solution has helped dozens of people like you put a leash on their brain and make it do what THEY want.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

You wonder what it is?

This is a collection of 4 MP4 audio files (MP3s on steroids) that will literally change your life. Put them on your iPod, iPhone, Android, or burn them on a CD and bring them to the office.

How is that solution better than any kind of soothing, "new age" music?

Simple, it “talks” to your brain, and make it shift to the state that YOU WANT.

You see, scientists have discovered that the human brain has a special “feature”, called entrainment, that COMPELS it to follow along certain signals by changing its current state.

Want your mind to quit wandering around and focus on a task? Send it a focus signal.
Want it to calm down so you can finally relax? Send it a relax signal.

It starts working in MINUTES (as in between 3 and 10 minutes, depending on your brain) and even helps you feel better between listening sessions.

Now, you might have heard of another type of brain entrainment called binaural beats, here are some of the differences of this product compared to others using binaural beats:

Now, when you order, you'll get 4 high-quality 256kbps MP4 audio files (that's what's used by iTunes for iTunes Plus):

You'll get two of each with different soothing music backgrounds (rainfall, seaside) to fit your preferences.

Total playing time: 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Price for the whole thing: was $47 Now $24.97!. Less than a massage or a coaching session, and you can use it at anytime, again and again.

Whenever you need some concentration, simply choose the HazelMind track you want, press play, and enjoy your new state of mind without caffeine or drugs.

Here's how to get started and receive your MP4s:
1.) Click the "Buy Now !" button below.
2.) Enter your details on the PayPal payment page and press "PAY"
3.) You will be immediately redirected to your download page

(and you'll receive instructions in your email inbox in case you need to download the files at a later time)

BY THE WAY.. if you have any question at any time, you can shoot me an email (it's sylvain at hazelmind dot com) and I’ll answer your questions as fast as possible.

$47 $24.97 Order now!

Sylvain OBEGI - Hazel Mind Shifter in Chief

P.S. I stand by this program. Take a look, use it, try it out a bit, and if you decide within 60 days that you're unsatisfied for any reason, I'll give you a full refund.

P.P.S. If you consider how much time and energy you’ll save from the program... $47 $24.97 is such a tiny drop in the bucket.

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